Yacht brokerage de Maas

Motorboat trade-in

One of the great advantages of buying a powerboat from a yacht broker is that you can usually trade in your own powerboat. This prevents you from being stuck with your first motorboat, leaving you with double charges. A trade-in of your powerboat can be done in three ways: 
  • Seller trades in your powerboat
  • Yacht Broker finds a buyer for your powerboat, this can be a trader, but also a private customer who is in our database.
  • Yacht Broker takes your powerboat himself, through commission in kind and possibly a piece of additional payment. 

Trade in your powerboat on one of our powerboats for sale

Trade-in does not automatically mean the highest yield for your boat to be traded in. Additional costs must be incurred to sell the first boat, this reduces your revenue. Nevertheless, Jachtmakelaardij de Maas always tries to realize a realistic return for you.

Trade-ins are almost never possible when you purchase privately, but there are more disadvantages to buying from the individual. It is often thought that buying from a proffesional is more expensive than buying privately. This is not correct, your yacht broker values market current, an overpriced boat in our sales marina is of no use. It only costs us money (mooring, cleaning, advertising) and the chances of us selling are slim. All the benefits of buying from Jachtmakelaardij de Maas at a glance.

  • Realistic asking prices
  • Trade-in negotiable
  • Technical knowledge and judgment
  • After sales service, a day after completion we do not send you into the bushes.
  • Legal liability yacht broker, EMCI certified. 

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