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Buying a yacht – Here’s how to get started

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You want to buy a yacht, but want to do some reading up first? Of course, you don’t buy a yacht lightly. Being well informed in advance is therefore important. In this article, we will try to help you a little in this. The article specifically aimed at the novice yacht buyer in which we explain some basic aspects.

What do you look for when buying a yacht?

To begin with; what are some basic points to consider when buying a yacht in the first place? Or at least in the orientation to this. We briefly highlight the most important ones:

  1. Type and size of yacht: Think about what type of yacht you are looking for in advance and how big the yacht should be. For example, do you want a motor yacht or a sailing yacht? And how many people should be able to stay on the yacht?
  2. Material: Consider what is the best material for you for a hunt. For example, polyester, steel or aluminum. All good materials, but the most suitable material depends mainly on how you will use your yacht. Get advice on this from the yacht broker.
  3. Condition and maintenance: Inspect the yacht thoroughly and note the state of maintenance. See if repairs are needed and if they have already been made. If necessary, take an expert with you to a viewing.
  4. Equipment and accessories: Check whether the yacht has the necessary equipment and accessories, such as navigation equipment, other electronics or safety equipment, for example.
  5. Price: Set a budget for the purchase of the yacht and take into account any additional costs for maintenance and insurance.
  6. Registration and papers: Check that the yacht is registered and that there are no outstanding loans or taxes.
  7. Trial run: Take a trial run to test the yacht and see if everything works as desired. With a good and reliable yacht broker, this is possible.

Also consider additional costs

Are you aware that buying a yacht involves more costs than just the purchase price? Therefore, in addition to the characteristics of the yacht itself, you would be wise to already take into account a number of things that will incur additional costs associated with the purchase of a yacht. Consider any taxes, insurance, berth, future maintenance and fuel consumption of the yacht you wish to purchase. There can be great differences in this, depending on the type of yacht.

Buying a yacht from a licensed yacht broker

Make sure you buy (or go to view) a yacht from a licensed yacht broker. A yacht broker can assist you in your search for a suitable yacht and inquire about its condition, among other things. We at Jachtmakelaardij de Maas are a yacht broker with years of experience. For questions, sea trials and reliable information about your potential yacht, you can always contact us. View our offer directly here or feel free to contact us, for example to make an appointment.

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